Mandarin Red E.O

Adam Michael has this to say “As of 11th February 2022 we now offer this single fold red mandarin essential oil, sourced directly here in Italy from a producer I’d think few in the perfumery world will be aware of as they are a rather small, under the radar operation.

At the same time many know how it became our objective to lead the online scene here in Europe for the supply of world class Italian citrus aromatics, and honestly, I’d say we have succeeded as since leaving the UK and relocating to Italy we have gone above and beyond to get to know the citrus producers here, the many famous ones who feed the Grasse houses through to the not so famous ones including this mandarin producer.

Written because once again we have struck gold here, yes, it’s a citrus, yes, its inexpensive, yes, it’s not layered like a base note, although why would it be when it’s a single-fold top note aromatic! The point being is unlike so many online operators here in Europe, not only do we excel for the fancy aromatics, but we also get the staple citrus aromatics right too. It shouldn’t be a selling point aware of how inexpensive citrus essential oils are generally, yet it continues to be so even in 2022!

This material despite being a single fold is really concentrated, perfectly ripe, thirst quenching juicy, full on mandarin delicious fruity, candied sweet, fresh and subject to weight this is orange yellow to all out crisp red.

To help increase the lifespan of citrus aromatics, always clean the bottle neck, screw the cap back on and store in the fridge when not in use. This way you can extend the life span of this citrus aromatic in optimal form by another six months.”

Botanical Name: Citrus reticulata

Origin: Italy

Wholesale weights (all prices excluding vat): 250G = 53 Euros.