Mimosa Catechu Resin

Adam Michael has this to say “Aromatically absolutely nothing you would expect and it is possibly one of the greatest surprises ever if you think about how this further broadens the perfumer’s pallet and thus the increased possibilities it opens up.

Tinctured this material has an aroma exactly reminiscent of opening an old tool box, the smell of the used tools and slightly rusting screws and nails…WOW.  This aroma instantly transports me back to being a child and venturing into my dad’s garage aka the outside man cave. Tools all over his homemade work bench, big bundles of scrap metal, off cut pieces of wood on the racks above my head, boxes full of nails, car parts, especially tyres, and containers full of greasing agents. Also this aroma is comparable to the clothes and environment of busy car mechanics, opened up car bonnets, rubber tyres, it even exudes traces of roasted meats and human blood. Have you ever encountered such a material!

Sincerely aside from being one insane tinctured aromatic blast this material in tinctured form opens up immense possibilities for the free and creative perfumers. The ingredient to finally create dad notes with ease, useful for imparting vintage swagger to metal and wood notes, imagine with a light hand what this can do for example to the woody aspects within sandalwood, vetivert and patchouli materials. This aroma is even valuable to those creating camp fire accords, foody notes and this material even has the ability to not only age wood notes but to create the sense of old abandoned environments. An outstanding material with a playground of possibilities, another resin in tinctured form I can’t recommend highly enough.

Botanical Name: Acacia catechu

Origin: India