Orris Root CO2 (7% Irones)

Adam Michael has this to say “What we have here is orris co2 7% irones and as I type (15/02/24) it is a somewhat currently uncommon online CO2 offering due solely to the irones content. If you are a fan of Orris aka Iris naturals, and especially our 1% irones and 3% irones content CO2 offerings, it is very probable you may fall in love as this is a mouth-watering and highly addictive aromatic throughout.

Smelling neat, you are overwhelmed with gourmand richness, lots of bright floral warmth, dewy through to juicy qualities, an almost full spectrum of aroma to stimulate your senses, woody, spicy, fruity, floral, a tad citrus, with yummy chocolate notes, and I think you could easily interpret this as Oriental also. It is nothing short of exquisite, even exuding powdery through to plasticine qualities, hands down the best  – genuine – CO2 orris production I am aware of. This 7% CO2 is so alive, joyous, deeply stimulating and oozes passion and love. Yes I am captivated and in the strongest sense, feel that within the world of orris aromatics, this 7% CO2 represents exceptional value for money.

This CO2 extract is of a solid paste consistency that requires a little bain-marie prior to use ideally and is sunset orange in colour. Regarding uses, this is a perfume in its own right and I feel with this material the possibilities are endless as it can be of value to all aromatic groups in the correct dosages. Highly recommended.”

Botanical Name: Iris germanica

Origin: France

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Oil Soluble: Yes 

Alcohol Soluble: Yes, but with cloudiness issues that might require filtration