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Elderflower CO2 ORGANIC

Joseph Colbourne has this to say “Of French origin, this very pale yellow Elderflower CO2 of light viscosity has a clarion call of anisic, honeyed elegance and golden syrup aroma. Not nearly as yeasty as elderflower absolute, the rounder CO2 is more akin to the blossoms, grassy, lemony, warm, cozy, a radiant ballet of nostalgic hues, baby’s breath, beeswax, meadows in June, sunset in a jar. The base notes are reminiscent of rice, wheat, wild reeds, dried and pressed flowers. This is an elusive and introverted material that should be revered and relished. A great addition to new mown hay accords, wildflower blends, soft and charming fougères.”

Botanical Name: Sambucus nigra

Origin: France

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NOP –organic cert. by CERES

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2 reviews for Elderflower CO2 ORGANIC

  1. Anag (verified owner)

    This is a fantastic material. Open it during the winter and you will understand. It instantaneously evokes the joyful feelings of spring. Like an elder tree blossoming right in front of you (I can almost hear the birds chirping). Such an accurate smell of the flowers I just can not believe it. It’s so nice, but fleeting.

  2. Robert (verified owner)

    Perfectly elderflower in every way, evocative of a high dry mid summer, great price and endless blending possibilities, I look forward to more experiments with this one

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