Persian P.E.A Intense Rose (Otto)

Adam Michael has this to say “First, this is a phenomenally beautiful, instantly wow impact rose otto, one of the very best we have ever obtained – and that’s saying a lot considering the sheer amount of epic rose ottos we have traded in the past few years. To my nose this profile comes across like how I interpret P.E.A (Phenylethyl Alcohol) natural isolate would be if obtained solely from otto. Written as in natural form, the P.E.A we offer comes from the absolute – but for as beautiful as it is, it chiefly retains and displays itself in a dense rose absolute form. Whereas here the experience is high impact yet also breezy and refreshening on the senses at all times.

It’s not a N.I of P.E.A of rose otto however – that would be scary expensive to produce from essential oil as the P.E.A content in essential oil is miniscule whereas with absolute it is often plus 50% of the whole. And yet I can’t get away from the idea that this is how natural P.E.A from rose essential oil would smell. The aroma is a wham-bam in your face gorgeous intense wet juicy orgasmic rose experience from start to finish, super breezy refreshing on the senses with rose dry and rose powdered notes sitting underneath. And the rich yummy honey notes are highly evident here along with fruity components comparable to peach, lychee, watermelon and apricot juices, finishing with trace fruity green notes I better associate with geranium absolutes. Straightforward, rose otto perfection throughout.

Uses in perfumery are borderline endless, great for building floral, rose floral, herbaceous, ozonic, and watermelon compositions. Has value within oriental and moss creations, pairs great with many of the fruit liquids we and others offer, pairs like a marriage made in heaven with rosewoods, geraniums, lavenders, sandalwoods and so on.

Side note: You will find this rose otto crystallizes under temperatures of about 20°C. Rest assured there is nothing wrong and it is quite beautiful visually. All you need to do is give your bottle a shake (with cap on) and it will become pourable again. Like most rose essential oils, also this Persian Queen of Roses (Otto) naturally contains stearoptene, thus when diluted in alcohol filtration will be needed in order to discard the alcohol-insoluble petal waxes. Conversely, solubility in fixed oils is perfect for this essential oil, making it a choice material for high-end attars.”

Botanical Name: Rosa damascena

Origin: Iran (2023 season)

Alcohol Soluble: Yes, with filtration of the natural waxes

Oil Soluble: Yes 

Wholesale weights (all prices excluding vat): 100G = 950 Euros.