Fire Tree Essential Oil

Adam Michael has this to say “The aroma of fire tree essential oil is floral, sweet boozy, super fruity with medicinal, leather and fresh woody undertones. To my nose it has similarities in aroma profile to Davana. From top note to base note the aroma is consistent throughout and of good tenacity. Xanthorrhoea preissii is commonly referred to as a grass-tree which is due to their tree-like appearance, with stout trunks and grass-like leaves fanning out from the crown. The plants are resistant to fire, which can stimulate prolific flowering and the blackened trunks, can re-sprout within a few months of a fire passing. Amber in colour of a pourable viscosity and produced in this instance by steam distilling the grass-looking leaves. This material is 100% pure, not cut with dipropylene glycol and one of the very rarest naturals in existence at the time of writing (11/06/19).”

Mark Evans has this to say “When I was growing up in the seventies in West Australia, we’d play amongst these trees in the bush (they were known as Blackboys, because of their black trunks) They were roumored to only grow an inch every 10 years and many of them towered over our heads. I still remember the interesting smell of their strangely segmented trunks. Forward a few years (actually many years) and here is that smell again!

Fire tree essential oil is balsamic and boozy with warm, resinous, and fruity tones. There’s a dark leather undercurrent and a little medicinal woodiness. A remarkably rich balsam material that would work wonders in an amber base or oriental style perfume.”

Botanical Name: Xanthorrhoea preissii

Origin: South West Australia