Persian Rose Jungle Otto

Adam Michael has this to say “Persian Rose Jungle Otto displays very gorgeous and classic Iranian character, has remarkable diffusiveness, is full of mouth-watering dewy brightness, lush garden green notes, hints of musk rose tonalities, displays sweet almost fruity breezy rose powdered nuances, and comes complete with waves of the most enchanting, cheerful, high impact and vibrantly pink rose flower blasts.

What we have here is more than a great bottle of rose otto and in fact on the pink rose scented front, I feel this material displays these aspects better than any rose aromatic we have ever carried or evaluated to date (6th May 2021). This is the type of material any rose lover will feel blissfully happy inhaling for hours on end.

Luxury at its most finest and an aromatic that will be well received by both male and female audiences. As for uses, rose is of course an extremely versatile aromatic, working well within floral, fruity, citrus, herbaceous, woody, spicy, green and even animalic themed compositions to name just a few. Pairs especially well with geranium, orange blossom, sandalwoods, ouds and jasmine aromatics. My score, 10 out of 10 all day long.

Note: You will find rose otto aromatics crystallize at between 5-8 ºC. Rest assured there is nothing wrong and it is quite beautiful visually. All you need to do is give your bottle a shake (with cap on) and it will become pourable again. Like most rose essential oils, also this Persian Rose Jungle Otto naturally contains stearoptene, thus when diluted in alcohol filtration will be needed in order to discard the alcohol-insoluble petal waxes. Conversely, solubility in fixed oils is perfect for this essential oil, making it a choice material for high-end attars.”

Botanical Name: Rosa damascena

Origin: Iran

Alcohol Soluble: Yes, with filtration

Oil Soluble: Yes 

Wholesale weights (all prices excluding vat): 100G = 950 Euros. 250G = 2200 Euros.