Lavender English Essential Oil

Adam Michael has this to say “We are now proud to offer Yorkshire grown lavender essential oil. Our supplier is producing her lavender with electronically controlled apparatus meaning more control over all parameters of distillation, such as pressure, plant material temperature, condenser temperature, steam flow etc. With more control over the distillation parameters she is able to produce lavender under lower pressure, lower temperature and that locks in more of the natural molecules that are usually lost in regular steam distillation.

This is very special lavender oil that is intensely fresh floral, buttery-herbaceous and beautiful spring morning clean. The tenacity is actually comparable to our French lavender absolute.”

Joseph Colbourne has this to say “A bright, clear, meringue-like pleasure tickles my nose upon inhaling this oil distilled in Yorkshire, England. The top notes green, floral, intense, slightly soapy, bringing to mind rain showers in April, clean white linen, and the first songbirds of the season. The herbal dry down evokes the hay-like scent of lavender sprigs, all gossamer and green, their aroma imbuing the palms of my hands. This has comparable tenacity to Lavender a.o.c. EO, remaining on the mouillette for eight hours. I imagine this in the opening of a classic barber-shop scent, a gentleman’s cologne, or a cosy new mown hay base”

Arctander has this to say “English Lavender Oil is distilled from a different variety of the lavender plant. It yields an oil rich in linalool, but rather poor in linalylesters. However, it is not rough or harsh like the aspic or lavandin oils, but represents an individual type of lavender which is obviously appreciated in the country where it is a common garden plant, and where its fragrance is well-known and very popular. ”

Botanical Name: Lavandula angustifolia

Origin: England