Rose Otto Persian Dew

Adam Michael has this to say “This Persian rose production exudes an exceptionally bright rose profile in the opening, very pink orientated, refreshing rose breezy with a tint of citrus and honey in the back. The dewiest rose otto aromatic we have ever offered (25.12.21). The body here is magnificent, truly indulgent, opulent syrupy rose sensations galore, and sincerely yet another example from Iran/Persia that further strengthens my strong held believes that the most beautiful rose otto in the world is always Persian. A broad array of uses from improving the naturalness within mixed media rose accords, adding natural pretty pink rose effects, providing instant wow rose impact in the opening of your perfume, pairs great with neroli, orange blossom, synthetic musks, ambrette aromatics, sandalwood, clean profile ouds and simply what we have here is an aromatic that can be the star component of your perfume composition.

Also, this is a 2021 production and mentioned as I see various respected competitors online trying to really sell the age of their rose ottos as a positive. Respectfully, we both deeply disagree on at least two important grounds. First of all, some of the components of rose ottos, like citronellol and geraniol for instance, are classed as allergens. More specifically, both geraniol and citronellol tend to cause most skin sensitisation and or allergic reactions once they are oxidised, and much less so when they are not. In other words, an aged rose otto will be more likely to cause an episode of skin sensitisation than a freshly distilled one. Also, age and hence oxidation does not help making rose otto more vibrant or fine smelling, quite the opposite. For these reasons we believe that age is not a friend in this case, and we’ll stick to offering aged aromatics only if these can improve with age, like ouds, sandalwoods, vetivers, other precious woods, patchoulis and like.”

Note: You will find rose otto aromatics crystallize at between 5-8 ºC. Rest assured there is nothing wrong and it is quite beautiful visually. All you need to do is give your bottle a shake (with cap on) and it will become pourable again. Like most rose essential oils, also this Rose Otto Persian Dew naturally contains stearoptene, thus when diluted in alcohol filtration will be needed in order to discard the alcohol-insoluble petal waxes. Conversely, solubility in fixed oils is perfect for this essential oil, making it a choice material for high-end attars.”

Botanical Name: Rosa damascena

Origin: Iran

Alcohol Soluble: Yes, with filtration

Oil Soluble: Yes