Protium Copal Resin

Adam Michael has this to say “I absolutely love this aroma, the opening is very green, peppery with an elemi spiciness. Green fresh notes are also aplenty and constant throughout, comparable to smelling galbanum e/o, the ones reminiscent of some big rain storm in a tropical country, the rain stops and the earth heats up, the fresh green earth scent takes charge…those galbanum notes. I even detect warm spiced trace notes reminiscent of cumin and it even exudes a musk like quality in the base, a true roller coaster aroma and it so utterly works.

The image is of a 400grm piece I received and the large chunk has been traditionally wrapped in the leaf. I have cut this material into a variety of weights and left the leaf intact as I think its cool to see. Wonderful on the oil burner (minus the leaf), a big hit in the world of incense but for me this is an utter must as a tincture.”

Botanical Name: Protium copal

Origin: Guatemala