Rose Gallica Fruity Sweet Absolute

Adam Michael has this to say “I am aware of two rose gallica absolute producers and I respect both equally.I already carry one and this gallica absolute has been sourced from the other producer and I feel strongly that the profile is substantially different enough to justify its own release. The first thing you notice here is how fruit-jammy this absolute is.

The jammy qualities comparable to homemade rose hip jam, apricot jam, squashed brambles in your hands, and perhaps these fruit notes could even veer a little into a wild strawberry jam territory- comparable to the jammy aspects you find in super fresh distillations of Helichrysum bracteatum e.o. You could even associate these fruits with winter stewed-fruit desserts as there are elements of gooseberries, heavily sugared rhubarb and tart red berries. This specific production is simply a rainbow of fruity-jammy tonalities that really oozes a fun filled big kid feel good persona and I absolutely and completely love this. The type of scent that triggers the brain and lifts your sense of wellbeing up into the clouds and reminds you that life is a gift – even when it’s hitting you so hard, that it feels impossible to see it as such.

Of course though this is rose gallica, one of the oldest rose varieties in existence and so you can be assured of the unique rose scent that gallica rose flowers ooze. Of course this includes the warm fruity aspects but the standalone rose qualities here border into red rose terrain, so dark, opulent, sultry, sexy, erotic perhaps, full bloom unapologetically intense dark yummy rose with hints of full spectrum cocoa. Put all of these nuances together and what we have here when you really evaluate this thoroughly, is a completely gorgeous smouldering rose absolute.

I know we have many rose aromatic lovers and I know many will stay within the safe zone – so damascena and centifolia. But if you are a fellow aromatics fan and love the oddities and curiosities the world of natural aromatics shares with us, then this is the one to try – along with rose bourbon – as that too is an absolute far from the norm of everyday rose absolute. Huge respect to the producer for what is a terrific batch (YR6001) of rose gallica absolute.”

Botanical Name: Rosa gallica

Origin: Moldova

Alcohol Soluble: Yes

Oil Soluble: Yes

Wholesale weights (all prices excluding vat): 50G = 450 Euros. 100G = 700 Euros.