Lavender Absolute (France)

Adam Michael has this to say “Wow! This material is truly sublime, exuding summer fresh, deep floral lavender notes with a soft, creamy, playful infusion of herbaceous, sweet musk and wood notes, all incredibly tenacious, all absolutely beautiful and aromatically speaking this is light years in front of any steam distilled lavender offering. Lavender absolute is mesmerising deep blue-green in colour, pourable and produced by solvent extracting the French concrete – produced from the glorious fragrant flower heads of Lavandula angustifolia.”

Arctander has this to say “Lavender Absolute is used in citrus-colognes, chypres, fougeres, new-mown hay bases, forest notes, etc. It blends well with labdanum, oakmoss, vetiver, patchouli, pine needle oils, coumarin, heptalactone, terpinyl propionate, geraniol and esters, sage clary, dodecanal, flouve, nitromusks, salicylates, etc.”

Botanical Name: Lavandula angustifolia

Origin: France

Wholesale weights (all prices excluding vat): 250G = 175 Euros.