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Lavender Absolute (France)

Adam Michael has this to say “Wow! This material is truly sublime, exuding summer fresh, deep floral lavender notes with a soft, creamy, playful infusion of herbaceous, sweet musk and wood notes, all incredibly tenacious, all absolutely beautiful and aromatically speaking this is light years in front of any steam distilled lavender offering. Lavender absolute is mesmerising deep blue-green in colour, pourable and produced by solvent extracting the French concrete – produced from the glorious fragrant flower heads of Lavandula angustifolia.”

Arctander has this to say “Lavender Absolute is used in citrus-colognes, chypres, fougeres, new-mown hay bases, forest notes, etc. It blends well with labdanum, oakmoss, vetiver, patchouli, pine needle oils, coumarin, heptalactone, terpinyl propionate, geraniol and esters, sage clary, dodecanal, flouve, nitromusks, salicylates, etc.”

Botanical Name: Lavandula angustifolia

Origin: France

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5 reviews for Lavender Absolute (France)

  1. innasany (verified owner)

    This Lavender Absolute FRENCH is so delicious, as a fresh flower garden with honey, tonka bean and warm milk. For lovers of lavender you can not miss – you will fall in love with her for the first time. Really great.+++++

  2. Rob Lloyd (verified owner)

    I have tried many Lavender Absolutes but this one outclasses them all.

  3. Justine O’ (verified owner)

    An enveloping hum of smooth and deep mellow greens is met by a surge of herbaceous green herbals – clean and alive; both singing on a fresh woodsy, rootsy green of milky minty camphor and warm clarifying woods, thickened with creamy tonka bean and a musky woodsy base.

    There are no sharp edges here in this beautiful Lavender Absolute from France; nothing acerbic, cloying or obvious; this is a fully rounded immersion in a field of lavender of great depth and purity, the nose touching the coarse stems and the lavender-infused earth, as much as the flower heads above.

  4. Thomas (verified owner)

    Beautiful, powerful yet elegant absolute ! I would recommend to dilute this abs to 10% or even less, in order to handle it easily. A little goes a long way wih this one ! It is indeed milky, like “innasany” commented. To me, it is a beautiful and strong top-middle-basenote for a classical fougere perfume. Be careful though, the strength of this beauty could be overwhelming. Try to pair it with a diluted portion of geranium absolute, and you will get the backbone of “Fougere Royale” perfume.

  5. sarah.watts33 (verified owner)

    A non-perfumers view:
    I have always loved Lavender, in the garden as well as in the bottle! I’ve tried a number from Hermitage and this French Absolute is my favourite. It is the one that reminds me most of crushing lavender spikes in my hand straight from the bushes in my garden – a ‘true’ lavender scent. Thick and blue, a little goes a long way – unless like me you just want to overdose on it!!

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