Verbena Absolute (Lemon Fruity)

Adam Michael has this to say “What we have here is a scent profile that is very simple, and yet within this simplicity lays much beauty. Yes you could say that smell wise, this verbena absolute is essentially a super concentrated fresh verbena profile and few would disagree. I am however to this day fascinated by the idea of producing lemon flowers absolute at some stage in life, just for personal enjoyment. Mentioned because my early thoughts when smelling this on strip made me think if lemon flowers absolute did exist, this is how it would smell (Eleonora strongly disagrees). If you know our concentrated lemon extract, amp it up by a zillion and drench that in fresh living lemon flowers, and boom, that is the absolute I feel we have here. Heavily diluted, you also find lots of green aspects, woody nuances, some spice and again lemon fruity tonalities.

Produced by solvent extraction of the aerial plant parts, dark green – to liquorice brown in colour subject to weight/volume, superior life span when compared with e.o in optimal form and also alcohol soluble.”

Botanical Name: Lippia citriodora 

Origin: Morocco 

Alcohol Soluble: Yes