Castoreum Absolute 20%

Adam Michael has this to say “This absolute opens with light and airy notes reminiscent of birch tar infused with aged vetiver and new leather. An animalic sweetness follows comparable to inhaling heavily diluted civet and possessing a gooey benzoin warmth. Cade wood nuances are also present, very light, but worth noting. The appearance of the pure material is very hard, resinous, solid and amber-brown in colour. It takes quite a lot of time and heat in order to become pourable, which makes it a slightly challenging material to work with (and to get out of the bottle). For this reason castoreum absolute is now offered diluted at 20% in ethanol.

Castoreum absolute is produced from an oily substance that’s secreted into the abdominal glands of both male and female beavers. The plum sized glands are removed from the beaver and left to dry. I understand the drying process can take place over a number of years. Now the dried glands are extracted chiefly via a benzene extraction which results in a material that resembles a concrete. This material is then alcohol washed to provide the absolute. By definition it is not really an absolute but instead an absolute-resinoid.”

Arctander has this to say “Castoreum (the tincture in particular) is used extensively in perfumery. Its warm, animal, leather-like sweet odour makes it an interesting item in “men’s perfumes”, fougeres, chypres, Oriental bases, leather notes, tabac bases, ect. A frequent “smoky” note in castoreum is not a natural odour, but is due to the drying of the glands over smoking fires. This curing or processing of the raw material may also be responsible for the so-called “birch tar” note of castoreum.
“Castoreum products blend particularly well with ambra notes, calamus, cananga, cedarwood Atlas, Chamomile Moroccan, creosol, labdanum products, isoeugenol, oakmoss products, sandalwood oil, veratraldehyde, zingerone, ect.”

Botanical Name: Castor faber

Origin: Glands from various origin, assembled in France

We also supply this material neat in a 100G pack wholesale weight, in this instance the material is solid in appearance and will require bain-marie to get the material into a pourable state.

Wholesale weights (all prices excluding vat): 100G (SOLID) = 580 Euros. 

Unfortunately, this material cannot be shipped to Australia or America