Omani Royal Hojari Resin

Adam Michael has this to say “Yet another proud moment at Hermitage Oils, as of today (05/02/20) we now offer Omani Royal Hojari resin, from trees within the mountain areas of both Mount Al Qara and Mount Samhan. This resin is visually beautiful, aromatically stunning, and of course wild harvested. Concerning the royal title, simply in this instance, all tears are graded and the better tears, based chiefly on size, shape and colour profile, are put to one side and sold as this royal hojari offering which commands a much higher price than the tears graded as regular hojari. You also have sultan grade, and that commands nearly double the price of royal hojari, the genuine graded sultan resin is full of distinct blue green tears.

Aromatically the aroma of this resin is potent fresh smelling classic sacra frankincense, with heightened sweet citrus qualities throughout and no bitter aspects. The colour of the pieces we offer varies from pastel yellow through to dark green. Over the years, the boswellic acids found within this resin, and not found in the essential oil due to molecular weight, have been discussed in great detail. These acids are said to have a vast amount of health benefits, information of which is widely available online should you wish to research. As such, many people do chew on this particular resin and also add it to drinking water – which in turn slowly infuses the water with a refreshing frankincense aroma.

I find chewing this to be a palate cleansing experience, the scent is always present, and apparently leaves me with frankincense breath! I will add though chewing can result in micro pieces sticking to the teeth, like that of the many candies I devoured growing up, especially fruit gums, so be prepared to have to scrape a few pieces off your teeth should you chew. Also used for incense purposes, just a gram will scent an entire room for many hours. And as with many frankincense resins, wonderful tincturing material. I will be making a tincture very soon and all being well should be able to offer it for sale across August/September 2020. Wonderful resin and highly recommended.”

Botanical Name: Boswellia sacra

Origin: Oman

** At Hermitage Oils should you wish to burn the material neat we would recommend burning the material on an oil burner opposed to using charcoal disks. If you follow this recommendation we also advise placing a piece of foil in the well of your oil burner and then laying the resin on top. This prevents lots of mess and cleaning after use and by using an oil burner you get to enjoy much more of the aroma of the resin than when using charcoal disks.