Hyraceum (Africa Stone)

Important comments: For best tincture results, we encourage you to grind this raw material into powder form prior to adding alcohol. Whilst this may not be an enjoyable experience, it will aid you in achieving outstanding tincture material. A minimum of 1 year ageing is also encouraged to achieve optimal results.

Adam Michael has this to say “Every perfumer will be well aware of hyraceum which originates from the Rock Hyrax (Procavia capensis), a type of desert living rodent-like creature. Rock hyrax live in colonies, many of which have existed in the same regions for thousands of years. In these locations there is a build-up of semi-fossilised waste, by now fairly sterile, that can be mined and extracted whilst not causing any harm to the animals.

And it is this semi-fossilised waste/raw material that we are now able to offer for sale. This hyraceum will enable the perfumer to create his or her own tinctures for a fraction of the price of buying ready made tincture, which we also offer.

The raw material on hand is a real stinker of the extreme, borderline black in colour, very urinal and faecal in aroma and perfect for some mind blowing tincture.”

Unfortunately, this material cannot be shipped to Australia or America