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Sage Triloba CO2 (SELECT)

Botanical Name: Salvia triloba L also known as Salvia fruticosa Mill

Origin: Turkey

Extract: Select Extract

This material is a CO2 select extract and the key constituents are alpha pinene (4.5%), camphene (3.8%), beta caryophyllene (7.4%), beta pinene (3.8%), mycrene (3.3%), limonene (1.2%), eucalyptol (41.6%), alpha thujone (1.9%), beta thujone (1.1%), camphor (15%), borneol (1.1%), alpha terpineol (2.8%), bornyl acetate (0.30%).

I sincerely love and adore this Salvia triloba select extract as it unlocks so many happy memories for me and is by far my favourite sage oil. The aroma is a rich herbal masterpiece. The heart note is very savoury and makes me think of food, actually reminding me of sitting next to my father at tea time as a young boy, eating his delicious homemade stew’s across the winter months whilst the log fire would burn fiercely.

The colour of this material is a rich wholesome, light fire orange and of an ever so slightly thick consistency – still pourable and easy to handle thankfully.


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