Sandalwood Ceylon Red 1950 E.O

16.8.23 at 12.55pm: In just over 40 hours this batch of Ceylon Red has sold out. Compliments to the producer on a work of art and I hope those who purchased will really cherish this sandalwood. Thanks, Adam : ) 

Adam Michael has this to say “Hailing from Ceylon/Sri Lanka, artisan produced from logs of at least 70 years of age, fire orange-red in colour and exuding a wow powdery, butter creamy, soft musk sandalwood aroma profile throughout. Classic sandalwood base note, regarding structure of aroma, projection, odour intensity, and life span.

On the strip the opening aroma exudes thick plumes of heavily concentrated sweet butter honeyed sandalwood with lots of pastel esq floral powdery qualities in the background, a hint of sweet spice, toasted vanilla and dried mango fruit skins.

Zero harsh aspects throughout its entire development and when this sandalwood does reach its aromatic peak on my skin type after about 5 hours, the ride down is very slow, lasting a total of 12 hours in noticeable form on my skin. Commentary based on a 0.5ml application rubbed in the inside of my forearm and wrist area. Present on the smell strip for 3 days and counting.

I have traded lots of high-end sandalwood aromatics since I arrived in Italy nearly six years ago now (14.08.23). I can type with confidence this is a stunningly smooth, sensual, bliss orientated sandalwood with heightened creamy buttery qualities, when compared with the vast number of sandalwoods I have sold. This Ceylon Red 1950 is a solid performing classic base note coupled with very respectable intensity and excellent transitioning between scent profiles and all with optimal smoothness throughout.

If I am comparing with sandalwoods present and past, Id regard this one like a mash up of sandalwood 1936, our current Indian Sweetie CO2, Sandalwood Musk 1960 with an injection of sweet vanilla ice cream, exotic fruit and blitzed butter scotch candies.

Total santalols and santalenes content calculated at 80% and having evaluated this Ceylon Red on and off across the past 6 weeks I would sum up by typing regardless of whether you are a noob perfumer or pro perfumer, an aromatherapist with little or lots of experience, or even the most demanding fickly sandalwood connoisseur, I am convinced that this Sri Lankan artisan produced sandalwood has something to satisfy everyone who appreciates sandalwood aromatics.”

Botanical Name: Santalum album

Origin: Sri Lanka

Alcohol Soluble: Yes

Oil Soluble: Yes