Frankincense Dalzielii E.O

Adam Michael has this to say “This frankincense dalzielii essential oil is very special and stands apart from the crowd chiefly because first, it is an exceptionally well made material – you instantly detect that all notes are super concentrated and can really appreciate this is a proper standing-ovation bottle of frankincense, not the type of product one finds at his or her local chemist or via any raw materials house who produce materials with cost restraints in place.

And secondly as to why this stands apart from the crowd – dalzielii has citrus notes that include not just lemon, but also lime and orange. You may think the notes will be fleeting, but they are not, they are very clear, they are present from the latter stages of the top and into around half of the hearts life span. And just wow, none of these notes have the tart aspects you expect from citrus but instead are warm, rounded, and mouth-watering. They remind me of candy pieces (used in cakes) and they bode well with all the deep, multi-faceted, resinous aspects of this material.

Regarding performance this material is outstanding, 35 hours plus on the strip, exuding controlled strength, greater depth, and more vibrant resinous character throughout. Frankincense dalzielii essential oil does everything better and it does everything for longer. Within perfumery, a must for building high class florals, Oriental notes, pairs so well with roses, incense and ambers, the best material of its kind for building citrus colognes (by miles) and honestly so good it is a perfume in its own right. Can also be enjoyed on the electric and candle orientated burners, a must also for skin care creations.

This is no expense spared, best of the best, finest on the planet type of frankincense material. This batch has been produced exclusively for Hermitage Oils. This material is also availble via the Frankincense Connoisseurs Set. ”

Botanical Name: Boswellia dalzielii

Origin: Nigeria