Seaweed Colourless Absolute

Adam Michael has this to say “What an outstanding material this is, seaweed absolute colourless is just like smelling washed up seaweed, with great intensity and longevity plus it is pourable and so easy to work with.  Clear to pale yellow in colour and this material is produced by a two-step process. First solvent extraction of Fucus macrocystis originating from the South American Pacific Shore, then molecular distillation of the resinoid on triethylcitrate. Odour of seaweed absolute colourless : moss, marine, iodine, amber, fenugreek, mushroom, liquorice, earthy.”

Arctander has this to say “Seaweed Absolute is an extremely powerful perfume material. Its penetrative effect is partly due to its unusual type of odour. It finds use in mossy-woody, herbaceous, aldehydic or “green” perfumery types, or in fantasy bases, etc. It blends excellently with oakmoss products, patchouli oil, spice oils, cedarwood oils and cedarwood derivatives, lavender, musks, labdanum products, castoreum, pine needle oils, galbanum resinoid or oil, geraniol, nerol, cedrela odorata oil and other dry-woody oils, cyperus oils (Cypriol in particular), etc”

Botanical Name: Fucus macrocystis

Origin: South American Pacific Shore