Vanilla Bourbon CO2 ORGANIC (26% vanillin)

9th April 2024: Vanilla Bourbon CO2 Organic with 26% vanillin content now back in stock. Price still substantially lower than all European and US competitors. 

Adam Michael has this to say “When I hear the words ‘bourbon vanilla’ I instantly think of Reunion, yet you will find this designation is used to describe materials that actually are produced throughout the Indian Ocean now and I suspect it is just because we all associate a bourbon vanilla as material that exudes the finest aromatic qualities. Reunion Island now actually has its own PGI designation. “Vanille de l’ile de la Reunion” PGI applies exclusively to vanilla beans from plants belonging to the species V. planifolia G. Jackson that are currently found in Reunion Island. The by-products such as vanilla powder or extract are not covered by the PGI. This is Reunions answer to try to distinguish its product from the likes of this Madagascan material and the bourbon designation. However Madagascan material is most certainly not a second rate vanilla, it’s absolutely exquisite starting material and that’s testament to everyone involved in the production processes and an optimum climate.

This Vanilla Bourbon CO2 Organic is produced from cured beans and is a CO2 total extract that contains 26% vanillin. The colour and consistency are both temperature dependent. With gentle warmth, achieved from just holding the bottle in your hand and gently shaking, this Vanilla Bourbon CO2 Organic becomes liquid and very easy to handle. This aroma exuded is warm, sweet, and balsamic in nature with some highly pleasurable culinary based nuances and generally a truly excellent body. I detect luscious dark melted chocolate notes infused with a vanilla that possess suave mature sweetness. I also detect warming orange fruit notes as well as crushed hazelnuts and lashings of vanilla cream. This aroma is most tenacious and blends remarkably with benzoin, myrrh, tolu, tonka bean and opoponax.”

Botanical Name: Vanilla planifolia

Origin: Madagascar

Total Extract


Alcohol Soluble: No

Oil Soluble: Yes

Wholesale weights (all prices excluding vat): 100G = 650 Euros.