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Adam Michael has this to say “Smelling solely from the bottle you are greeted with intense richly charged resinous notes, reminiscent of a walk in a Mediterranean scrub along the shore and heated by the sun. On the strip the smell is very similar whilst also exuding fruit, floral and light green qualities with a noticeable woody eucalyptus note for good measure. Quite quickly the Mediterranean scrub nuances are back and go on to become the spine of this aroma along with soft sweet fruit nuances and deeply suave floral qualities. The dry down is very fruit orientated.

Zdravetz CO2 is aromatically light years in front of the regular essential oil (which is muted by comparison in my humble opinion) and is a very beautiful resinous aroma throughout that can be useful for building frankincense themed church accords, especially those that are serrata based as the fruity notes within the Zradvet bind very well with the zesty aspects of the serrata material. Also of course a must for building Mediterranean forest notes and I am finding use for this material within an experimental orange blossom attar I am building, the floral qualities of both sing in total harmony with each other.”

Botanical Name: Geranium macrorrhizum

Origin: Bulgaria

Total Extract

NOP –organic cert. by CERES

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3 reviews for Zdravetz CO2 ORGANIC (TOTAL)

  1. kingjohnofengland (verified owner)

    Rich woody note, somewhat smoky and with an acidic, arnica-like edge. Close kinship with bois des landes and its predecessor, pinewood natural.

  2. kingjohnofengland (verified owner)

    I have now obtained some Bulgarian zdravetz for comparison. In the case of this particular sample, a semi-solid mass which bears the label zdravetz, the scent of undergrowth and autumnal bracken which characterises the CO2 product is much less in evidence. The odour is milder and in the direction of ordinary geranium. Muted is right. So the CO2 product is a lot more interesting for perfumery, the only drawback being its lack of miscibility with alcohol.

  3. gergely.e.nagy (verified owner)

    This smells incredible, rich and sumptuous, floral with the scent of dried sweat on skin after sex. Probably one of my favourite materials to work with after ordering a small sample; I’ll need to get a full bottle soon.

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