Zanthoxylum CO2 (SELECT)

Eleonora Scalseggi has this to say “We are very excited to introduce this new Zanthoxylum CO2 extract which aromatically is a far better proposition when compared with the essential oil. Bursting with citrussy and fruity notes as soon as you uncap the bottle, this is a fun and vibrant material, and not in a childish manner either. The fruity character is well balanced with the bitter aromatic dark citrus peel essence, in fact imagine drinking Italian chinotto, thirst quenching, bitter-sweet and with that gorgeous “dark” citrus peel note throughout.  In the background of the citrus notes, a classic zanthoxylum melody completes the picture with its sweet, waxy, lychee and delightfully bright Far East fruit aroma.

This Zanthoxylum CO2 extract is a top note that unfortunately cannot boast a long duration on skin and yet it makes a brilliant head note injecting fun, juiciness – minus the annoying cloyingness of some juicy smelling aroma chemicals – and a wonderful bittersweet tartness. Alcohol soluble but only partially oil soluble.”

Botanical Name: Zanthoxylum armatum D.C

Origin: Nepal

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