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White Ambergris 3% Tincture (IRELAND)

Adam Michael has this to say “The fragrant white ambergris used for the preparation of this tincture hails from the beautiful wild beaches of Ireland. Aromatically it is a very gentle material that definitely needs to be taken out of the bottle for evaluation. Personally when it comes to ambergris the most enjoyable way to evaluate it is by placing a few drops directly on the skin. The aroma is sweet, gently animalic, clean, with breezy salty ocean water notes throughout. It is actually a material that remains at all times very close to the skin until it merges with the natural skin’s scent itself and after a while you might be wondering if it’s the ambergris or if it is your skin that smells good, comparable to say laying in the sun after a swim in the ocean and the skin is refreshingly salty yet sensual and warm.

This is a real deal product with all of its gentle yet fascinating character. If you are looking for some loud ambergris-like material that literally jumps out of the bottle or that leaves a wake when added to your perfume then this is not the material for you.

Over the years the public has got used to the aroma of synthetic ambergris replacers (which some people prefer for a number of reasons and of course there is nothing wrong with that) to the extent that now there is the expectation that ambergris smells like the replacer rather than the other way around! Things seems to have gone so far that it has been even brought to my attention that a certain ambergris tincture vendor has added small amounts of ambergris-like aroma chemicals, likely ambrofix, to make that material smell louder – in other words closer to the smell of the synthetic replacers – and to what many have grown to expect, especially when smelling natural ambergris for the first time.

Well, I want to be clear this Hermitage tincture has undergone nothing like that, its aroma in all of its complex yet intimate beauty is all here to be known and respected in its true character. We absolutely love this material at Hermitage and we invite you to get a sample first if you are not sure whether you’ll love the scent of real ambergris too, or not at all. From beach combed material, two year and a half aged at the time of writing (13th June 2019).”

Origin: Ireland

6 reviews for White Ambergris 3% Tincture (IRELAND)

  1. thursturston (verified owner)

    Excellent! A very mellow ambergris tincture, I have various different ambergris and it’s amazing how they are fundamentally similar, but never can be the same due the nature of how they are formed. This tincture has the closeness of breath (not bad breath as such) or drying saliva on skin, not unpleasant just vaguely creepy. This is not as salty as some I’ve encountered but does have a touch of oceanic breeze, nor is it as dirty as less mature darker ambergris, it’s kind of a Goldilocks scenario really and this tincture is perfectly pitched in the middle. One fundamental truth is that Ambergris will improve your blends even if you can’t overtly smell it, the fixative and exalting qualities are legendary and highly prized with good reason.

  2. Jarreau bowhay (verified owner)

    My first ambergris tincture… I couldn’t smell it at first so added two drops to my wrist and wow. Such a fascinating scent. Also find my self overdosing mixes with this stuff, so just test drop by drop, let it sit and come back to it.

  3. Thomas (verified owner)

    Sweet and delicate. What coud you expect ? This is a 3% tincture, therefore the effect is mild but persistant, as Adam commented. However, this is an intriguing scent. I just spilled a tiny single drop of this tincture on the back of my hand an I could not stop smelling my hand. Very intriguing, indeed.

  4. Joel Robin (verified owner)

    A truly beautiful material, as always very well described by Adam.
    The effect of skin after bathing in the sea is there, not so much in its salty facet than the complex, alive aroma of seawater. Alive is the crux here, as it has a striking humanness, so much so that it has a fascinating, “closeup human” character

  5. Indie Perfumer (verified owner)

    I have evaluated ambergris tinctures from numerous online suppliers based in Europe and the United States. Due to ambergris’ cost and rarity, it may not surprise that most offerings – even that of one reputable dealer – are not genuine. Some appear to result from miscellaneous beach refuse, and others, a deceitful mixture of aroma chemicals, seaweed absolute, animalic products, labdanum fractions, etc. Hermitage Oils is, to my knowledge, the only online supplier selling a genuine ambergris tincture made from white beached amber, the rarest and most expensive variety. The odor of this tincture is relatively discreet, clean, elegant and woody, with marine, mossy and warm animalic facets recalling seaweed, civet and Tonkin musk, and a slight olibanum note. While not especially diffusive, this tincture lends a composition unique roundness and fixation. Should any evidence be required of Hermitage Oil’s vital contribution to the independent perfumer’s palette, this material is proof.

  6. Charlotte D (verified owner)

    I have been using ambergris tincture from Hermitage Oils for a few years to make scented paste. It is a key ingredient as it helps preserve the fragrance of other ingredients in the beads that I make from the paste. In North Africa, where such beads have been made for centuries, a set would have been made for a bride and would be expected to retain their perfume for a lifetime. So far, the beads I make have maintained their wonderful aroma!

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