African Rum Resinoid 50%

Adam Michael has this to say “Another first and if you like our Sweet Incense Tree or are a fan of rum and whiskey aromatics through to woods (especially oakwood)  and vanillas, then this all out gourmand aromatic is a must try.

This Resinoid (more specifically, this is an alcohol resinoid) is extracted from the fruit of Tetrapleura tetraptera, widely known and appreciated across West Africa for its fulsome, voluptuous aroma and its medicinal properties. This is therefore no true rum-derived aromatic (check out our Rum CO2 extract). This is just a gorgeous aromatic that smells chiefly of rum, along with other delectable gourmand notes.

On the strip I detect notes of aged oak barrels, booze-soaked raisins, dark dustings of chocolate, honeys, plump vanilla pods sweetness (none cloying), rum, whiskey and a masterclass of smoothness throughout, not a single rough edge despite showcasing so many layers. This has a ‘good old times’ vibe about it and the level of saturation and intensity on the strip is off the charts wow.

In fact, if you know the Bourbon whiskey drink Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey, all that smooth aged woody vanillic and honeyed taste goodness is here in this aromatic. This does not come across like a young production at all, despite this being exactly that. This honestly smells like an aromatic with 10 or 15 years or ageing behind it and I am delighted to have another rarity in our collection.

Now I need to state this resinoid material is diluted at 50% in alcohol and so it isn’t oil soluble.

Regarding perfumery uses, due to the number of layers here, this material can be a friend to many, working well with balsamics such as tolu and styrax through to outright gourmands such as cocoa, vanillas, toffees, tonka, coconut, super useful within boozy creations containing absinthe, rum, whiskey and oak wood, shows potential for working well with all cedarwoods (true or otherwise botanically), has scope for pairing well with agrestic materials such as tobaccos through to hay, has promise with exotic and especially saturating type heavy florals, so champaca abs, orange blossom abs, sambac abs, auriculactum abs, ylang abs and so on, you could even consider this resin aromatics of frankincense, myrrh and opoponax (for me opoponax is actually a gourmand) and also bran abs has good potential here so long as the production has had some time to age and its more sweet vanillic opposed to wheats and cereals themed.”

Botanical Name: Tetrapleura tetraptera Prekese

Origin: West Africa

Alcohol Soluble: Yes

Oil Soluble: No