Vetiver E.O (9 YEAR AGED)

Adam Michael has this to say “Some natural aromatics when they age just can’t stop getting better and better. Patchouli materials are rather notorious for this, however today I am writing about my aged vetiver essential oil and this material is a true rock superstar, a classic, the Holy Grail of vetivers and unparalleled in its beauty, simply put… a material that cannot go unnoticed.

Gloopy and golden brown like maple syrup, with a somewhat sticky consistency throughout, this full bodied Java vetiver has been aged for over 8 years now (9 Years aged from 25/05/21), displays outstanding richness and depth, exudes unique long lasting sweetness (especially on the skin), an exquisite dark chocolate yumminess and black liquorice liquor notes galore.  A compelling aged vetiver essential oil that is simply vintage goodness at its absolute best. Whether you like the sun baked earthy qualities of our organic vetiver, or the masculine notes of the vetivert heart (a must material for building Cambodian Oud recreations), or if you just love vetivert like me, or if you still haven’t found a vetivert that has stolen your heart, make sure you don’t miss out.”

We have now created our own vetiver collection page. 

Botanical Name: Vetiveria zizanioides

Origin: Java or maybe Planet Vetivert!