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Apricot Liquid 100%

Adam Michael has this to say “The initial smell makes me think of picking a ripe apricot from the tree and holding the fruit close to my nose. You will be aware the fruit has a velvety texture about it and somehow that is captured within the opening notes of this material. The development is of a mature nature, quite warm, with a pleasant fresh green softness, earthy qualities, very fruity and sticky throughout, with a peach, honey and orange juice character. Blends especially well with honey, beeswax, osmanthus and orange flower absolutes. This is marvelous in honey-sweet florals and gives a mouthwatering super juicy twist to other fruit notes. The colour is golden yellow and it is of a gloopy but pourable viscosity.”

This is a masterpiece material from a highly esteemed Grasse based producer. Whilst the exact recipe so to speak is proprietary information this Apricot Liquid 100% is an all-natural compound creation.

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4 reviews for Apricot Liquid 100%

  1. Mauricio (verified owner)

    When I first sniffed this Apricot Liquid I could not stop thinking that if there was a way to bottle an autumn’s sunset it would smell exactly like this. I’m not much of a fan of eating the actual fruit, but, oh boy, does it smell wonderful or what?

    This material has everything you would expect from the Mediterranean aesthetics: a honeyed body, fleeting green sparks, flowery delicacies jumping at your nose in unseen twists and all the colours you could expect to find in the dying hours of a perfect day.

    As a working ingredient, it enhances white flowers adding a sour-ish edge most of them lack, helps to create yummy blends with green herbs, fine-tune honey accords to perfection. My favorite experience, though, was mixing it with Oakmoss for the greatest ever dark/light experience.

  2. apostolos_ch (verified owner)

    Really good apricot/peached juicy, fresh, and light material. Very strong, be carful as only few drops needed, which is the case with most “liquid” products.

  3. Robert (verified owner)

    A sweet diffusive peachy powerful top note. Apricot liquid captures the essence of the juicy ripe fruit even better than the fruit itself! Use less than you think you need as I find it tends to dominate a composition quite easily. Reminds me of peach schnapps. Lovely stuff, very feminine.

  4. Rob Lloyd (verified owner)

    A better smell than the fruit itself, a wonderful thing just buy it right now.

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