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Indole 1% Natural Isolate

Eleonora Scalseggi has this to say “Often called “magic” indole is indeed a very fascinating material whose importance in perfumery cannot be overstated. Depending on its concentration it can be terribly repulsive or immensely seductive, featuring in the aroma profile of some of the most bewitching floral scents on earth like jasmines and orange blossoms as well as in excrements. Indole is the seductive weapon devised by the most intoxicating night flowers to attract pollinators – usually moths. Funnily enough traces of indole in the aroma profile of a flower make it irresistible for humans too, capable of transforming a delicate, clean yet insignificant floral scent into a narcotic elixir.

In perfumery too minute additions of indole are crucial in order to impart sultry seductiveness to floral compositions, and unlike the synthetic offering this natural offering really gets so close to the real thing.

Quite an experience to smell it neat with its unbearable stink of putrid flesh and faeces this natural indole dilutes down beautifully into a curiously very pleasant sweet animalic – heady floral scent that will improve the naturalness, wearability and tenacity of perfume compositions. With a purity of 98% this natural isolate is here offered at 1% in perfumer’s alcohol for ease of use but it can be further diluted down for even better control and nuancing.”

Mark Evans has this to say “In perfumery, the term “narcotic” refers to that paradoxical, decayed, skanky, floral fragrance that jasmine, orange blossom and tuberose blooms develop when they wilt. If you have ever picked a sprig of jasmine and left it in the room overnight, you will know what I mean. In the morning, you have to get the wilted flowers out the door straight away and yet you can’t stop sniffing them on the way. The smell is both repulsive and yet seductively erotic. It is the smell of decay, mothballs, mustiness and phenols and yet you continue to go back for more, like a drug.

It is indole that provides this experience and with a light hand and just this single element, you can provide realism and depth to the floral notes of your perfume creation and at the same time ‘dirty it up’ and maybe head it more in the direction of classical French perfumery with their heady Orientals and exotic flowers. This purely natural extraction of indole is the real deal and provides even more depth and realism than the synthetic recreation ever could.”

Produced from vegetable sugars.

2 reviews for Indole 1% Natural Isolate

  1. MissLayla (verified owner)

    I’m having an “It’s not you, it’s me” moment. Even diluted at 1% I am terrified to use this material. I bought this because I feel like I’ve been seeing an Indole craze in the Niche perfume scene. I wanted to understand the raw material on it’s own, as it’s usually paired with a ton of other notes. I purchased some as a reference material. Uncapped, with the orifice dropper plugging the opening- I can still smell Indole 1% 11 inches away from my face! My nose has been assaulted and I can’t get the smell out of my nairs (nose hairs)! Be easy on me… this is my first time. Maybe with time (when I better understand Indole) I’ll be able to fully appreciate it on it’s own. Thanks Adam for popping my Indole “cherry.” Haha!

  2. MissLayla (verified owner)

    An addition to my previous review – I can totally see how this occurs naturally in flowers. I’ve definitely smelled this when my orange tree is in full bloom.

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