Caryophyllene Natural Isolate

Joseph Colbourne has this to say “A clear, watery liquid material, caryophyllene is softly spicy, woody, dry, and elegant. The isolate is that sparkle in the scent profiles of clove, pepper, and also many florals. Facets of cananga, cinnamon, calamus and copaiba can be detected by my nose. The dry down presents a pleasantly musty driftwood note. While there is an ostensibly tenacious open, the longevity is only about 3-4 hours, making this unmistakably a top note.

The true value of caryophyllene perhaps isn’t its scent alone but what it does in accenting and building florals and woods that may need more dimension and diffusion. Therefore, it would be an excellent way to open a fragrance.”

Extracted from clove bud essential oil.