Austrian Hay Essential Oil

Adam Michael has his to say “This hay essential oil hails from Austria. A very interesting aroma of medium longevity that smelling from the bottle is dry woody with distinct sweet hay and barnyard nuances throughout. Applied to the skin this material is a noticeable dry woody, balsamic and somewhat rooty vetivert affair with a strong animalic and musty hay presence that holds it altogether. Produced by co-extracting hay grown at high altitude with cedarwood, ambery coloured and of a pourable viscosity.

Hay essential oil is a highly versatile material with an abundance of uses – a must for dry woody accords and I think this material was born for building and sexing up leather orientated perfumes, great also for building lavandin accords, pairs really well with cedarwood oils, especially Virginian and Chinese materials as well as working great with nitromusks and ionones. A must also for building animalic bases, leather bases and for further developing patchouli and tobacco notes and creating oriental bouquets. This material could also be of use within chocolate gourmand creations as there is a clear yet albeit fleeting chocolate note within this material. A great material and highly recommended by me. We also now sell a beautiful hay absolute here.”

Botanical Name: Heirochloe alpina

Origin: Austria