Cinnamon Bark Super Premium E.O

Adam Michael has this to say “Nearly 8 years ago (06/10/15) I offered cinnamon bark e.o for sale for the very first time at Hermitage Oils. A very good material that was loved by many and the aromatic profile sat very well with the views of the mighty Arctander.

Today, (17/02/23), I have moved across to a new producer, and what we have here, is a cinnamon bark e.o that is of a world class and bench mark of excellence standard aromatically.

Structurally this material is much brighter, diffusive toppy and sparkle esq proposition than what I suspect you will be used to, and it really works. The brightness, the sweetness, even the cleanliness coming from this material are insane, off the charts, and utterly enchanting all at the same time. The waiting times are zero, there is nothing sluggish, or slow to start up, this is instantaneous, big massive plumes of sweet spiced warm cinnamon, balanced out with harmonious powdery woody aspects. As we move to the main body of this cinnamon, the profile, aside from the above, also displays prominent nutmeg character, reminiscent to me of eating my mum’s homemade nutmeg rice pudding as a little boy. As she would cook this dish, the kitchen would be flooded out with lots of warm spice, milky rice, woody, saturating nutty aspects, all displayed here within this essential oil no less and finished to my nose with a dash of dreamy oakwood honey. Utterly WOW.

The drydown here is chiefly a sweet, dry, soft, spiced powdery affair, and still exuding a wonderful clean brightness. Simply the best cinnamon bark essential oil I have personally encountered, wonderfully balanced throughout, improved staying power, and its big selling point is the fact that this is ultra toppy by comparison with what is available elsewhere online and it is also of a water yellow colour. My compliments to the producer and well worthy of the Super Premium title. Produced by the traditional method of hydro distillation, the broken quills, quilling’s, inner bark from twigs as well as the twisted shoots are all distilled. My score, 9.5 out of 10.”

Botanical Name: Cinnamomum zeylanicum

Origin: Sri Lanka