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Civet Liquid 100%

Adam Michael has this to say “This civet recreation consists of a blend of both natural and synthetic components. This material is free of civet absolute and contains no animal derived ingredients at all.  An exceptionally powerful material that is best used  below the level of conscious detection. When used in trace amounts this material imparts beautiful animalic warmth, is a great fixative, generally adds naturalness to a composition, and is a must for Oriental bases, jasmine accords, rose bouquets and pairs especially well with ambrette seed absolute.”

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  1. thursturston (verified owner)

    Pretty amazing stuff this and a welcome addition to the palate considering the ethical dilemma that real civet presents. This doesn’t smell like real civet at all but I suspect that most perfume lovers who think they love an animal ‘civet’ note are actually more fond of something like this than the animal derived variety. This has a more spicy, peppery, impact almost that of cumin, with a complex dirty, leathery heart and sinks down heavily into the base of an accord or composition. For the purposes of experimentation the 10ml of Civet liquid I bought is likely all I will ever need, as it’s only to be used in low concentrations to make a workable material and then in turn is only used in traces in a formula.

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