Costmary Essential Oil (Mint Geranium)

Adam Michael has this to say “Surprisingly, costmary essential oil is a real herbaceous rarity. Applied to the strip the opening consists of watery green spearmint, sweet-milky, fever tea and nonspecific dirty-animalic character. To some extent in the top this is like palo santo although more refined and far less goaty. As time progresses on the strip, spearmint in both a watery and highly concentrated juicy chewing-gum fashion go onto absolutely flood the senses.

The dry-down of costmary essential oil is a musty geranium leaves and splashes of spearmint water combo, a tad woody and trace animalic skanky. Produced by steam distilling the leaves and golden yellow to brick red in colour subject to volume/weight. Overall, a simple yet enjoyable aroma profile that lends itself well as a substitute for spearmint albeit this has more oomph and a wider spectrum of nuances. Blends well with many of the common artemisia e.o varieties, jasmine aromatics and lavenders, especially our French absolute.”

Botanical name: Tanacetum balsamita

Origin: Mediterranean 

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