Ethiopian Pom Pom Essential Oil

Joseph Colbourne has this to say “The best-kept secret to those who love their ambers, Pom Pom is another great sensory journey that opens with a carnival of honey, beeswax, genet, chamomile, hay, wildflowers that dries into a heart that presents propolis, myrrh, cistus, labdanum, just about all the classic notes of an amber. Two hours in on the mouillette, Pom Pom is deeply resinous, with impressions of pine resinoid, siam wood, brown sugar, molasses, and most of all, delicious amber. The base simmers down into faintly aqueous dry, floral, powdery, comforting amber/labdanum. My nose even picks up distant pink or blue lotus nuances. Truly a rare treasure.”

Pom Pom works superbly with agarwood, oriental accords, leather accords, deep amber bases, florals. This material is golden yellow in colour, of a pourable viscosity and produced by steam distilling the chipped heartwood and roots of the Hymenaea verrucosa tree.

Botanical Name: Hymenaea verrucosa (synonym of Trachylobium verrucosum)

Origin: Ethiopia