Fenchyl Alcohol Natural Isolate

Adam Michael has this to say “First, Fenchyl Alcohol Natural Isolate is without question, a super power. Therefore it must be handled with extreme care, best suited for the semi-professional perfumers and beyond. I kid you not, take the cap off the bottle for a few minutes and your immediate environment will stink, spill a drop and your home will smell like a damp mouldy wooden staircase. And if like me, your partner is house proud, well, you will find yourself in the dog house for a few days, this I assure you with experience!

Now, here in the beautiful and very picturesque Tuscan countryside I always stumble across old buildings and more times than not, they are in a somewhat dilapidated and abandoned state. I write this because Fenchyl Alcohol Natural Isolate in pure form through to 50% dilution smells exactly of old abandoned countryside buildings, dried out doors and windows with the paint work peeling off, plaster falling away from the brickwork, plant life growing in the crevasses between the bricks and near the drainage,  the damp, the cold and light mouldy aroma throughout, all of that is encapsulated within this natural isolate. Incredible. I think its worth as well to mention that most literature suggests this material exudes a sweet lemony scent, its not really entirely accurate concerning this natural isolate. You really only detect a lemony scent should you warm the pure material via bain marie – as the pure material can crystalise. And in this instance, whilst the material is warm, you detect a lemony scent that leans more towards a boiled lemon rind aroma. I think most of the sweet and lemony commentary must apply to the synthetic offering, as the notes are really not overly representative of this natural isolate.

Another point to make is if you are familiar with Geosmin, you will be aware key word descriptors include, cold, dampy, earthy, rain like qualities – even though for me, at a 1% dilution, it always reminded me of an aroma comparable to smelling the inside of a fish tank that has just had all the water removed. The point is you find very similar structure, body and general behavior with Fenchyl Alcohol, it too saturates the environment, it has a very “cold” presence , you will unearth damp and earthy aroma similarities.

Regarding uses, many dream and discuss the idea of recreating that –  old church aroma, well now you can. Fenchyl Alcohol Natural Isolate pairs exceptionally well with frankincense materials, especially olibanum resinoid. Works wonders with my one and only creation – smoke liquid, useful for building forest floor notes, pairing nicely with both 3 octanol and mushroom absolutes. Also works well with patchouli and both oakmoss and treemoss.”

Extracted from Pine Root Oil