Rhodinol Natural Isolate

Mark Evans has this to say “This natural extract of rhodinol from citronella has a bright, petal fresh, wonderfully well-balanced and rounded rose fragrance. I would consider this an essential ingredient for the creation of any rose accord and also perfect to use just by itself when needing to integrate a beautiful, true to life rose into other florals or pretty much any style of perfume for any function.

Rhodinol natural isolate is often named laevo-citronellol (l-citronellol) as that is its main component along with geraniol. Getting the balance of these two molecules correct is what makes a great rose aroma – too much of one or the other can result in a scratchy, harsh lemony note.

There are a select few flowers that have been the foundation stones for perfumery throughout the ages – orange blossom, muguet and jasmine – but the rose has been and continues to be the most essential. Many perfumers have said that they add a little rose in everything they do and I am no exception. We are lucky to have access to this incredibly well produced, all natural isolate to achieve this aim beautifully.”

Extracted from citronella essential oil.