Frankincense Green Sacra E.O

Adam Michael has this to say “This Frankincense Green Sacra Essential Oil is highly prized material, however region aside, there is zero morphological difference between Boswellia carterii and Boswellia sacra.

What actually separates these two supposed species apart from each other is nothing more than habitat and time of harvest. Boswellia carterii is harvested in the summer months of March to late June (xagaag), Boswellia sacra in the winter months of September to late November (jiilaal).

Frankincense sacra E.O is produced from three coloured resins – off white/yellow, black and the prized green resin. Personally I am not a fan of the E.O from the white resin but firmly believe black and green, both as resins and E.O really do bring something new to the frankincense table.

This Frankincense Green Sacra Essential Oil is produced via steam distilling the ultra-prized GREEN Omani resin, golden yellow in colour and an all-out mind blowing frankincense pleasure ride. Aromatically this stuff is amped to the absolute max, all the nuances project upwards with such intensity, balance and beauty throughout. What I am especially loving about this material is how applied to the skin (and you need to in order to fully appreciate its beauty) it keeps giving and giving, when you think it is going to start flat lining it instead goes up a few gears and tantalises and seduces you further with all its frankincense splendor. Sincerely, if you are also truly captivated by the world of frankincense essential oils, try this material whilst we have some, because in my view, this is THE benchmark of excellence for frankincense oils, and stored properly it is going to age magnificently.

The top exudes a medley of golden honey, warm candied green lemons and sweet amber nuances. It does take a few minutes for it to find itself when applied to the skin, but again, when it does …boom, utterly gorgeous honeyed lemon nuances lift up like a space rocket, the lemon notes are not in the slightest bit harsh or lemony in the regular carterii or serrata sense, instead truly yummy resin liquid sweet, candy gummy textured, so mouth-watering, so inviting, you will want to bathe in this aroma. In the latter parts of the heart you do indeed start to find warm liquid resin floral nuances, woody facets and even trace spice qualities.

Also I would add no matter how many times I evaluate this aroma on the skin, I have come to the conclusion that green sacra E.O is all out masculine, in fact for me, and apologies as this may sound odd, but I associate this type of frankincense with the super wealthy Middle Eastern business people, the types who pride themselves on enjoying the finest luxuries life offers and for which money is no object at all. Forgive me as I can’t get away from that thought when I smell this particular aromatic. Likewise each time I smell black sacra E.O I personally feel it is a true feminine affair, it has a softness, delicate and breezy qualities about it, it has this magnificent orange note – of which if it was a colour would be pastel orange. Also for me, black sacra e.o strength lays in being used with florals – especially rose, it transforms the two materials into a seductive sultry and oh so sensual experience – especially within the heart of the composition. This green sacra isn’t about sensual, at least in my mind, it is about power, performance, volume, opulence, mightiness.

Frankincense Green Sacra Essential Oil pairs especially well with fellow resin oils, myrrh, elemi, galbanum, labdanum and so on, it can help you create master piece compositions that are oriental, amber and precious wood themed, it is an exquisite study material, and it is also just incredibly wow as a standalone frankincense material.

On the strip the aroma of Frankincense Green Sacra Essential Oil lasts for over 24 hours and on the skin the aromatic progression continues for about 2 and half hours and overall lasts on my skin for around the 4 to 5 hour mark. 10 out of 10 material.”

Botanical Name: Boswellia sacra

Origin: Oman

Wholesale weights (all prices excluding vat): 100G = 250 Euros. 250G = 500 Euros.