Frankincense Green Sacra Omani King CO2

Adam Michael has this to say “When you know, you just know. I sat in my chair, inhaling the aroma of this Frankincense Green Sacra CO2 across the middle of December 2020. Within moments realising that this material is the most stunningly beautiful green sacra aromatic that I have ever encountered in my life. Showcasing superior power and strength, when directly compared with the E.O on a test strip, and I would concede this CO2 experience has the E.O beaten with relative ease.

Applied to the strip, or by massaging a few drops into my forearms I find it takes about 10 minutes for this aromatic to spring into life. Once underway, you are greeted by the truly super human power of the candied yet sun drenched and deeply rich citrus aspects, coupled with a sticky, almost gourmand through to incense like resinous warmth, and finished with a piercing iced fresh water cleanliness that actually runs throughout the core of this aroma profile. This Frankincense Green Sacra CO2 is just such a WOW experience to behold.

The result is a juicy-mouth-watering, intoxicating-nectar fuelled–explosion, fit for the true frankincense connoisseurs among you. I recall a late perfumer asking the question if coriander could be classified as a fruit note. I think I understand properly now, as within this profile, there is this trace herbaceous-fruit nuance, at least for me, and this is a note I detect when using the resin to flavour my water. Again just a trace, but it’s these fine margins throughout you see, that at least for me ladies and gentlemen, turn this aromatic into something absolutely god damn spectacular. You will all be the judges of course, but for me this is an aromatic of the highest order.

I can detect the scent of this CO2 on my forearms for just over 11 hours and via the strip, a week and counting as I type. To my knowledge, this is the first commercially viable select CO2 extract production, from wild crafted, Omani green sacra grade one tears. As I type (10/01/21) we are the first reseller of this producers CO2 on the European online scene. And contrary to what is written elsewhere, royal green sacra (so called) is not the most prized frankincense in the world, no, that title belongs to sultan graded tears which as I have written elsewhere are of a slight blue-green hued colour, incredible gem like looking tears and so insanely hard to come by.

Concerning the photo used, instead of the obvious green sacra resin shot, I have opted to use this captivating photo taken inside the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque in Muscat, Oman. 

To sum up, if you are part of the perfumery world, if you have plans for a luxurious frankincense in your future creations, or should you more generally ever require a clean warm resinous, citrus tinged aromatic with great staying power and providing a calming impact on the mind, body and soul, then this is it, and the price point is the best online by far. 10 out of 10. Enjoy.”

Botanical Name: Boswellia sacra 

Origin: Oman 

Select/Total Extract: Select

Oil Soluble: Yes

Alcohol Soluble: Yes 


Wholesale weights (all prices excluding vat): 100G = 330 Euros. 250G = 720 Euros.