Gardenia Absolute


20th November 2020 – Just to say the 100G batch has now completely sold out as I type at 3.40pm. By my calculations this took 21 hours to sell out. Congratulations to those who secured themselves some of this Gardenia Absolute, it really is a very good batch. And sorry to those who missed out, but as announced this was a very limited quantity and we do serve on a first come first served basis. Thanks, Adam : ) 

19th November 2020 – Hello, Adam here and I now have 100G of Gardenia Absolute for sale. Aromatically this needs to be applied to the strip, and it needs a few minutes to unravel itself. When it does, this batch (CH191120) is heady, pronounced juicy-fruity floral, waxy, with a creamy, almost vanillic ice cream quality about it.  The fruity aspects are comparable in my view to smelling osmanthus and magnolia flowers, the wet juicy qualities are very heightened. I am very happy indeed with this batch, the juicyness of the fruit aspects are better than our previous batch. 

Adam Michael has this to say “To smell gardenia absolute is to partake in a truly joyous and heavenly experience. This material opens as a heady, suave floral with lots of white petal and waxy qualities in abundance. As time passes this material becomes sweeter, ever prettier and is supported with the most yummy tropical fruit complexities, comparable perhaps to smelling osmanthus crossed with tiare.

A powerful modifier of floral accords, further improves white floral notes, provides lift when combined with fruity lactones, adds body to tropical bases, imparts warmth to oriental accords and blends especially well with tuberose, ylang ylangs, tiare, jasmines, osmathus and frangipani.”

Gardenia absolute is produced by solvent extracting the fresh flowers, antique yellow in colour, and of a pourable waxy viscosity.

Botanical Name: Gardenia grandiflora

Origin: China

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