Green Tea Absolute 50%

We sell this Green Tea absolute diluted to 50% in DPG which results in a material that is much easier to work with.

Adam Michael has this to say “Green tea absolute exudes fresh tea notes with delicate herbaceous, woody and tanned leather character. The heart notes are a rainbow of tobacco leaves, dried hay, clary sage. The concrete in question is Chinese, produced from the true tea leaves of Thea sinensis, after which the material is shipped to France and solvent extracted. This absolute is of a solid paste consistency that requires the patience of a saint and lots of gentle warmth prior to use.”

Arctander has this to say “…used in perfumery to produce sweet-herbaceous notes in certain floral perfumes e.g. jasmin, orange blossom, gardenia, sweet pea, freesia, and to produce new effects in woody or aldehydic perfumes of non-floral type in general”.

Botanical Name: Thea sinensis

Origin: Chinese concrete solvent extracted in France