Grey Ambergris 3% Tincture (IRELAND)

5th May 2022: Adam Michael here, happy to write that our latest grey ambergris tincture is now available for sale. This batch (AGT65) was put together on the 4th September 2020. So as I type this batch is 20 months aged. Thank you : ) 

Eleonora Scalseggi has this to say “This Grey Ambergris tincture was obtained from a breath-taking grey piece of Irish beach-combed ambergris (the very piece in the picture). From the very first moment we had it in our hands we knew it would turn into something special, it had the sparkling saltiness of rugged ocean waves, the initial sweet animalic muskiness of white ambergris, with extra helpings of tobacco and old paper, so beautiful it was painful to crush this piece in order to make it into tincture. And yet tinctured it was (eventually) and after a long mellowing process it is now ready for release (aged three years and a half at the time of writing: 23rd February 2020).

If you love white ambergris but you wish it had a little more oomph and are not keen on the more faecal grades then this grey ambergris tincture could be the right middle ground: saltier, slightly jumpier and a bit louder than classic white ambergris, with fresh cigar tobacco and old paper notes, it also retains some of the classic sweet and clean animalic notes typically associated with white ambergris. Not faecal, possibly an ever so slightly more masculine-orientated material yet very versatile and personally speaking – even mildly addictive. Like other ambergris materials it can be used in compositions as an exalting fixative, so it can be used sparingly, unless you want to make its presence more known within the composition. Please note that being real natural ambergris this material does not possess the same strength and projection of synthetically recreated ambergris-inspired aroma chemicals, so it might differ from your expectations if you have never tried natural ambergris before. A very much loved all-natural addition to our ambergris collection.”

Origin: Ireland

Unfortunately, this material cannot be shipped to Australia or America