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Guaiac Heart Essential Oil

Adam Michael has this to say “This material is produced by molecular distillation of guaiac essential oil, the intention is to better showcase the woody and lactonic facets. I would describe this aroma as being masculine but also very mellow, creamy, lactonic with far less of the smoky qualities found within the regular essential oil.

This material has many uses, a good fixative, brilliant for building soft-woody and floral-woody accords, pairs especially well with suederal, pemou, massoia and orris materials and delivers interesting effects within musk blends.”

Botanical Name: Bulnesia sarmientoi

Origin: Paraguay

2 reviews for Guaiac Heart Essential Oil

  1. Mauricio (verified owner)

    I bought this one almost on a whim based on the description. Knowing the regular EO’s smoked profile, I thought that ‘the Heart version’ would be maybe nicer and less akin to bacon, which Guaiac Wood strongly reminds me of. To my surprise, the leap of faith paid off brilliantly well and this offering soon became one of my favorite woods.

    There’s something meditative in this EO that makes me reach some really internal safe place. Milky with dark caramel whiffs, this soothing hardwood seems to be very eclectic: it supports citruses, fruits, vanillas, herbs, hays, other woods, resins, herbs and flowers with equal ease.

    I can’t pinpoint one single astonishing result I got from it, but, from initial tests, I’m positive that Guaiac Heart will be the perfect ground for a Vanilla – Malagueta – Pink Pepper – Cumin and Mandarin Red blend that I’m eager to try.

  2. ZHANG NAN (verified owner)

    This is really the first time I see this precious essential oils guaiac wood, decided to buy feel listened to a lot of lectures, but it is also not as thick as benzoin solid essence of life, although I have been heard that the flavor of the guaiac wood like the smell of smoke, but my own feeling is light some, when received, catch up with family gout attack, just ACTS as an anti-inflammatory analgesic guaiac wood, clean up the role of blood vessels.

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