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Hay Absolute (SPANISH)

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Adam Michael has this to say “Hay absolute is olive green brown in colour, of a thick paste consistency that requires gentle warmth prior to use and this absolute is produced by solvent extracting the dried Spanish grasses of Hierochloe alpina. The aroma is dry, coumarin, tea sweet, clary sage herbaceous with a gentle rainbow of sweet honey and cocoa qualities.”

Arctander has this to say “Hay absolute is used in perfumery not only in “new mown hay” bases, or in combination with flouve, melilotus, tonka, woodruff, deertongue, etc., but also as an individual note to be introduced whenever a truly herbaceous-sweet undertone is required: in lavender, fougere, chypre, colognes, tea-notes, tabac-notes, forest notes and various bouquets.”

Botanical Name: Heirochloe alpina

Origin: Spain

1 review for Hay Absolute (SPANISH)

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    augustus.blacksteed (verified owner)

    This absolute actually took me back to my childhood home in Kentucky, USA. I am delighted even removing the cap. It’s like smelling a summer afternoon in the Southern US. Sweet tea, hay pollen, and the scent of rural earth grabbed me and pulled me back to the bottle time and time again. Will be wanting more of this.

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