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Coffee Absolute PREMIUM

Adam Michael has this to say “Coffee absolute is solvent extracted straight from the coffee beans, it is a 100% pure absolute using the finest coffee beans available. If you love the smell of freshly made strong coffee then this is for you. The material is very thick and of a chocolate/coffee colour that will benefit from gentle warmth prior to use. This material is luxury in its truest form and of all the coffee absolute materials I have sampled -from all the respected French based raw materials producers/suppliers – this is by far the most sensational coffee material ever.

Whilst many companies on the internet claim to offer coffee essential oil, usually at less than 15GBP per bottle, this is highly unlikely as the volatile chemistry in coffee beans is largely null and void. We do sell coffee CO2 this has a fatty acid composition and despite the incredible natural aroma it is technically a fixed oil.”

Botanical Name: Coffea arabica

Origin: France

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