Jade Wood Essential Oil

Adam Michael has this say “Jade wood essential oil is yet another fascinating material from Australia with a consistent and stable aroma profile. Aromatically this material shares a lot of similarities with the key notes found within Blue Cypress and to a lesser extent Massoia Bark, Sandalwood and Siam Wood. A very masculine, woody lactonic affair throughout, quite dry in parts with no fruity or sweet facets at all and of impressive tenacity, lasting 5 days on the strip.

A base note, a phenomenal fixative, jade wood essential oil is a must have material for building Oriental accords, incense and campfire notes, improving lactonic woody compositions, works in harmony with precious woods such as Oud and Sandalwoods, great mixed with Guaiacol, provides interesting effects within white floral bouquets, and a cost effective extender of Blue Cypress. Extremely highly recommended and gets my seal of approval. Honey yellow brown in colour, produced by steam distilling the wood, and of a pourable viscosity.”

Botanical Name:  Callitris glaucophylla

Origin: Australia

Wholesale weights (all prices excluding vat): 50G = 80 Euros. 100G = 155 Euros.