Kava Kava CO2 (TOTAL)

27th June 2020: The producer has unfortunately now stopped producing this exceptional material. I have purchased as much material as I can, paying more than double the old price. Once sold, gone forever : ( 

Adam Michael has this to say “From the same genus as black pepper, this kava kava CO2 extract comes from the roots of the plant which in this instance hail from Vanuatu. If you read up on kava kava you will unearth this material is supposedly capable of completely freeing a human mind from social anxiety, you will read how it elevates people, delivering a sensational high of euphoric proportions not comprehensible and far superior to consuming anti-depressants without affecting mental clarity, and I wholeheartedly agree.

The prized constituents responsible for the amazing feelings are called kava pyrones which are present at 60% in this total extract and broken down as follows, methysticin 8.0 %, 7,8-dihydromethysticin 7.3 %, d,l kawain 14,4 %, 7,8-dihydrokawain 17.2 %, yangonin 7.0 %, 1,2 desmethoxyyangonin 6.0 %.

Aesthetically this is not an overly pleasing material on the eye, it is yellow in colour with a paste like consistency comparable to a pan of over-cooked lentils. With gentle warmth this will become liquid and easy to work with. Thankfully the aroma is a delightful, really warm, rich and somewhat peppery throughout.”

Botanical Name: Piper methysticum

Origin: Vanuatu

Total Extract