Lavandin Concrete

Eleonora Scalseggi has this to say “Of a dark green pourable consistency and only partially alcohol soluble, the aroma of lavandin concrete is very true to smelling a flowering lavandin plant, its flowers and stems hit by the sun and all sort of bees and pollinators all busy around it. This then evolves into a strongly sweet and tenacious coumarin-dominated material that give it plently of versatility for fine fragrances and soap compositions, from lavender bases to new mown hay and fougeres. A perfumery and soap making staple material. “

Arctander has this to say “Its fragrance closely approaches that of the dry herb of lavandin, almost chokingly camphoraceous-woody, without being sharp. It is typical of a natural extract, well balanced in odor, reproducing the floral as well as the leaf-stem-herb notes. The latter are derived primarily from non-volatile components, and this may be the reason for the naturalness in the odor of the concrete as compared to that of the essential oil. As mentioned above, Lavandin Concrete finds extensive use in soap perfumery where its contents of waxes, etc. is an advantage, and where alcohol insolubility is no drawback. Sweetened up with coumarin.”