Litsea Cubeba E.O

Litsea Cubeba Essential Oil, aka May Chang is known as “Oil of Tranquility”, recognised for its powerful effect of promoting physical relaxation and mental calm. It is recommended for those suffering from work related stress and the “can’t switch off” phenomenon. Historically the oil from this exotic plant has been blended with almond oil and used to perfume the body prior to meditation or prayer in order to impart a sense of strength, calm and mental clarity.

This essential oil is chemically somewhat similar to melissa true as it is high in citral which is responsible for the delightful sweet smelling aroma. A small tropical tree with fragrant lemongrass-scented leaves and flowers, related to laurel and rosewood and produces small white flowers and fruits which resemble a peppercorn. The small fruits that it produces are similar to peppers, from which the name ‘cubeba’ is derived.

Litsea Cubeba Essential Oil complements most of the middle notes (herbs and flowers) and has a gentle pungency which can be helpful when you wish to cover the scent of an oil which is helpful to the patient but not always appreciated in terms of scent. Tea tree and clary sage are two contenders. Complemented well by lavender, orange, neroli and petitgrain. With the same uplifting, revitalising properties as bergamot, this oil can also be used on greasy skin and hair.

Botanical Name: Litsea cubeba

Origin: China