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Narcissus Absolute (des plaines)

Adam Michael has this to say “Narcissus absolute (des plaines) is a floral seductive masterpiece. The aroma exudes warm, heady floral goodness with delicately charged spiced fruit punch notes entwined with a splash  of green crushed foliage. This is followed by delicate floral notes infused with soft cotton, honey, nuts and sweet peaches.

This material is dreamy dark orange in colour, of a pourable viscosity and produced by solvent extracting the concrete that is produced from the wild flowers. This floral wonder  is useful for building orange blossom blends, gourmand creations, blends well with carnation, jasmines and mimosa.”

Botanical Name: Narcissus poeticus

Origin: France

2 reviews for Narcissus Absolute (des plaines)

  1. alexandra_karinawind (verified owner)

    Highly delightful

  2. kingjohnofengland (verified owner)

    Really beautiful absolute with an intense golden colour reflecting the corona of the flower. One would love to use this material in copious amounts if price were no object, but as Adam says it is also a useful modifier for other blends. I would say it is not a million miles from Linden Blossom CO2, another favourite of mine which brings to mind a field full of buttercups and is the basis for Tilleul d’Orsay, a much underrated French fine fragrance. Narcissus absolute des plaines from the top Grasse producers is justly revered by perfumers.

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