Octanol 3 Natural Isolate

Adam Michael has his to say “An extremely pleasant natural isolate, exuding an unmistakeable odour of fresh mushrooms, very gourmand, gently nut like, sensationally fresh and so close to the real thing.  More mushroom freshness dominates the middle notes with distinct fresh crushed herbs and light minty undertones. Basically a top note, octanol 3 features in the aroma profile of many mushrooms including boletus, forestiere and shiitake mushrooms.

As for uses, this natural isolate is an absolute must for building forest floor accords as it enriches the top notes beautifully, really bringing them to life. Also useful for improving vegetative notes, green notes, helps build earthy accords and pairs well with many foody naturals such as olive absolute, truffle extracts, butter CO2, nutmeg and pepper oils, through to herb naturals such as parsley, white thyme and celery seed oils.”

Extracted from Mentha arvensis essential oil